For those on a journey to manage their weight effectively, keeping tabs on food and calorie intake can be a valuable tool. Studies reveal that individuals who log calories tend to lose more weight and are better at sustaining their weight loss over time. Fortunately, numerous websites and apps have made calorie counting more accessible than ever. In this guide, we present the 8 best calorie counter apps for 2024, catering to various preferences and dietary goals.

Editor’s Note: These apps are readily available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, with most offering essential features for free.

The 8 Best Calorie Counter Apps:

  1. Best Overall: MyFitnessPal
    • Highlights: MyFitnessPal offers a comprehensive platform with a user-friendly interface. It syncs seamlessly with fitness tracking devices and features extensive nutrition databases, progress tracking, and user forums.
    • Cost: Free version available; Premium version at $14.99 per month or $99 per year.
  2. Best Free Features: Lose It!
    • Highlights: Lose It! impresses with a user-friendly food diary, barcode scanner, and weight tracking on a graph. The app includes an active chat community and allows participation in dietary challenges.
    • Cost: Free version available; Premium membership for additional features.
  3. Best Fully Free: FatSecret
    • Highlights: FatSecret provides a user-friendly experience with a barcode scanner, daily breakdowns, and a chat community. Monthly summary views offer convenient progress tracking.
    • Cost: Free.
  4. Best for Specific Diets: Cronometer
    • Highlights: Cronometer offers precise serving sizes, diet-specific profiles, and a focus on tracking micronutrients. The app is valuable for users following specific diets like paleo, low carb, or vegetarian.
    • Cost: Free version available; Gold upgrade for extra features.
  5. Best for Weight Loss: Noom
    • Highlights: Noom stands out by creating a personalized calorie budget, emphasizing a calorie deficit for weight loss. It encourages daily calorie tracking and promotes a balanced approach to dieting.
    • Cost: No free version; Free trial available; Pricing varies based on plan length.
  6. Best for Building Healthy Habits: Lifesum
    • Highlights: Lifesum focuses on teaching a healthier lifestyle with a food and meal rating system. The app tracks water intake, body measurements, and exercise while providing educational content.
    • Cost: Free version available; Premium version unlocks additional features.
  7. Best for Diet Quality: MyNetDiary
    • Highlights: MyNetDiary offers an intuitive food log with picture-based portion guides and a food scoring system. The app allows customization of daily calorie and macro targets.
    • Cost: Free version available; Premium version unlocks advanced features.
  8. Best for Simplicity: Calory
    • Highlights: Calory is a straightforward calorie tracker with a minimalistic design. It calculates daily calorie goals, displays easy-to-read charts, and links to the USDA food database.
    • Cost: Free version available; Premium version adds extra features.

Important Considerations: While logging calories can be a beneficial tool for weight management, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential drawbacks such as food obsession or disordered eating patterns. Tracking food may not be necessary for everyone pursuing healthy weight goals, so it’s essential to adopt methods that positively impact both physical and mental health.

How We Chose: The selection of the best calorie counter apps was based on several key criteria:

  • Transparency of app features, FAQs, and billing options.
  • User reviews, prioritizing recent and highly rated apps.
  • User-friendliness for an optimal user experience.
  • Inclusivity of options suitable for various budgets.
  • Feature richness in both free and premium versions.
  • In-depth reviews and alignment with Healthline’s well-being standards.

Embarking on a calorie-tracking journey becomes more accessible and personalized with the array of top-notch apps available. Whether you prioritize overall features, specific diets, weight loss, or simplicity, these calorie counters cater to diverse preferences, helping users achieve their health and fitness goals.

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